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Hiring the right contractor can be challenging.  Make sure you're asking the right questions.

Do they install their own work, with their own employees, or do they subcontract it out to others?

Creative Hardscape Company performs all its own paver installation work.

Do they provide a warranty that warranties the installation, not just the pavers? (Most all paver manufacturers already have a lifetime warranty on their product.) How long have they been installing pavers?

Creative Hardscape Company has been installing since 1995 and many of our employees have been with us since the beginning!

Are they an ICPI certified installer? The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute is the only national association that certified installers.

Creative Hardscape Company is certified and Frank Gandora, President, is a certified instructor for all levels of ICPI and trains our crews personally.

ICPI has written the specifications for how pavers should be installed. Be sure your contractor is installing per ICPI specifications.

Creative Hardscape Company wouldn’t do it any other way.

Have they been trained by a paver manufacturer?

Frank Gandora, Creative Hardscape Company’s President actually performs these training for some of the manufacturers.

What percentage of their business consists of installing pavers? Many landscapers have added paver installation to boost their revenues in a down economy.

At Creative Hardscape Company, pavers is what we do!

Do they have a portfolio of photos to show their work? Can they provide references?

Please visit our portfolio here. And yes, of course we’ll provide references.

Are they properly insured? The contractor should supply a current insurance certificate showing Liability and Worker Compensation insurance. Be sure that all the employees are covered under the Worker Compensation Insurance. (If they are using a subcontractor, those employees are not covered under that policy!)

Creative Hardscape Company’s foremen are OSHA 10 Hour Certified. We make the safety of your property and our employees a priority